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Birth Doula

Offering Support

I believe you should birth in any way in which they choose, and I will support you with that choice, whether this be in the comfort of their own home, or within a hospital. I am passionate about making you feel comfortable and in control of your birth experience. My aim is to create a relationship with you and your partner during your pregnancy so that you fully trust me to offer you the support that you wish during your labour and birth.

Following your enquiry, we will arrange to meet to discuss your wishes and needs surrounding your birth. This meeting is free with no obligation, and normally lasts around one hour and will be very informal. This meeting will take place in a public place and is important for you to ensure that I am the Doula for you.

If our meeting leads to a successful booking I can cater my package to suit your needs.

A typical birth package will include the following:

  • ​Two antenatal visits usually in your own home. The purpose of these meetings is to get to know you and your partner better, and to discuss your wishes and preferences for your birth.

    • We will cover:

      • Any pre-conceptions you may have about pregnancy, birth and labour. If it is not your first pregnancy, any past experiences you may have.

      • Ways I can support you and your partner through birth, including relaxation, breathing techniques, and comfort measures.

      • Help with your birth plan detailing all your choices.

  • I will provide you and your partner with practical, emotional and physical support throughout the duration of labour and birth and the hours after your baby is born.

  • I pride myself on being a good communicator, and will therefore ensure I am available to give you continuous support via email, phone and Whatsapp to answer any concerns and signpost you to useful/helpful evidence based information throughout your pregnancy and early labour and up to 8 weeks after the birth

  • I can accompany you to antenatal appointments at any stage of your pregnancy (upon request).

  • I will be on call 24/7 from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby.

  • I will be with you for as long as you need during labour and birth, both at home and moving with you to hospital or birthing centre depending on where you choose to have your baby.

  • I will meet you for one postnatal visit within the first 2 weeks after your baby is born to debrief after your birth and help with anything you may need.

Birth support packages start at £600

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