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Postnatal Doula

Offering Support

Whether it be your first baby, second, third or more, the postnatal period can always feel a little overwhelming. We spend our days, and nights looking after our new bundle of joy, and often our own self care is put to one side. It is so important to look after yourselves as parents as well as your baby, especially within those first few months whilst you're adjusting to your new life. Whether this support be from family, or friends, or whether it comes from a doula. Reaching out for support will enable you to get the self care you need as new parents, as well as give you a much needed break.

Following your enquiry, we will arrange to meet to discuss your wishes and needs for support following the birth of your new baby. This initial meeting is free and with no obligation and  normally lasts around one hour and will be very informal. This meeting is a chance to explore how I may be able to best support you and your family, address any questions you have and for us to learn a little more about one another. It will also be a chance for us to create a postnatal plan. 

Post natal prices start at £15 per hour.

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