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Holding Hands


"My first little girl was born at 35+5 weeks. Arriving that early threw me into a bit of a panic and unfortunately it meant that my feeding journey didnt pan out as I had hoped. I had all the information from NCT classes however had a totally unrealistic expectation of what breastfeeding would truly be like and didnt know anyone who had been through this themselves. Through hospital readmission, jaundice, lumbar puncture, failure to latch the journey wasnt what I had hoped and only lasted 8 weeks. A particular frustration was that I dont feel I had individual support tailored to me and my baby who was clearly quite poorly. Fast forward to my second daughter and she surprised me even more by being born at 35 weeks. This time I felt much more prepared and the key difference to that was the support of Chantelle. I spoke to her before my daughter was born and she helped me cope with the guilt I still held over how I fed my first daughter was born. Through her knowledge and experience of feeding her two children she helped educate me on the benefits of breastfeeding and also helped me prepare mentally for how I wanted to feed. Once my daughter arrived I had a completely different experience to my first. I was able to hold her and try feeding her immediately, she latched on and it was amazing. Breastfeeding is never easy and throught the long nights that followed Chantelle was there, to give information and support and most importantly motivation and praise. Most of all she never once judged with anything I did. Again I didnt have a conventional breastfeeding journey as we once again went through jaundice and an extended hospital stay. I used nipple shields, supplemented with formula and exclusively pumped for circa 6 weeks. After this I have been exclusively breastfeeding for over 7 months. It is amazing and I am having the best journey. The key difference in my two journeys has been the support of Chantelle at every step of my journey. She has spurred me on and kept me going when I thought I couldnt do it, given me advice on latch and boo care, makes it totally comfortable to talk to her about absolutely anything and is just so lovely as well. I would thoroughly recommend her services to any mama wanting to breastfeed. She has helped makd my breastfeeding journey a really amazing one."


Victoria 2020

"Leading up to the birth of my second child, Louis, Chantelle was in continuous contact. She provided support, and kept things light-hearted. Although she wasn't my official birth partner, I wouldn't hesistate in recommending her. She is approachable, knowledgeable, patient and empathetic."

Annelise 2020

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